What is going on?!

Last week was the opening of the Trash Cannes festival at Regent Hall, for which I was conducting a specially formed brass band. It was a fantastic occasion, with great outreach to an audience who would never normally listen to the genre, the band played amazingly well, and I was very pleased to have made my conducting debut in London!

We had some fantastic Fanfares for last weeks concert (See Sound the Trumpets below), with entries from all over the UK and America. We were able to feature 3 of these fanfares in the concert, written by David Leak (UK), Dominic Casey (UK) and Fred Mbesi (USA). We enjoyed performing these fanfares, and the audience certainly appreciated them!

As soon as we have our Video Recordings from the night, I will be sure to share them all with you here. Congratulations on these great compositions!

In other news….

I will be going for my second contesting Brass Band conducting audition next week, so please wish me luck!

I will be leading rehearsals this week with Romford Citadel Band, and for the for see-able future – I am really excited about this, as it has been a dream of mine for quite some time, and so I am looking forward to the coming weeks!

My job at Tiffin School is going really well, where I am enjoying being a part of a fantastic music department! As well as the day to day duties of my job, I am also very pleased to be leading several of the ensembles at the school this term, including the String Orchestra, Tiffin Sinfonia and the Wind Band.

It has been strange going back to school certainly, and I do still feel quite odd at being called ‘Sir’ and going into the staff room, but it really has been a fantastic experience – and I’m only a month into the job! I’ve covered year 8 Latin, year 9 R.E, and last week had a full day of teaching, not cover work but real teaching, Music to year 7, 8 and 9… quite an experience!

I have been working on a few small arrangements for folk, including saxophonist Anna Lamplough, ensembles at school, and the youth band in last weeks concert… I am hoping to get back to some serious writing soon!

Awesome God is currently being used by Romford Citadel band, and He is Exalted received it’s dutch premier by the Amsterdam Staff band in this last week – Remember almost all of the pieces featured on the website are available free of charge to you and your band, so please get in touch!

Sorry for a lengthy post, just full of news, but there’s been a lot to share!

Join us next week for another Mylestone Music Monday!


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